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Homeless Guru
29 November
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Hey. I'm a locked, shy guy from Inglewood. I've been pretty sheltered throughout my life, kept from the severities of the South Central ghetto; in a lot of ways I'm grateful to my mother for that, but at the same time I discredit myself when I fall into a naive mindset.

I'm pretty geeky and proud as hell of it. Nothing will ever change that. With that said, I fall into the group of people that listen to video game music along with a lot of mainstream music, and tend to get into large arguments about unimportant things. Though it's pretty ironic, as I'm not at all an outspoken person. At times I burst out into positive energy that is misinterpreted by others and I come off as a nut. Eh, whatever; I'm a nice guy through and through. Their loss.